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  • Karen Kjeldgaard Rød, - 27.05.2009, 22:20 CET
    hei vennen,
    Er stolt av deg!
  • Tuva, - 25.01.2008, 19:41 CET
    Hei Anne Christine!
    Veldig fin side :-)
    Er glad i deg!!
    HIlsen Tuva
  • Anna Sofie, - 01.05.2007, 14:31 CET
    Hei Anne Christine:-)
    Har du det bra?
    Det håper jeg:D
    Gleder meg til å se deg igjen.
    Hils trond og Jakob fra meg.
    Hilsen Anna
  • Hannah, - 24.10.2006, 13:46 CET
    Hei sweetie pie, it's been a while since I last left you an antry here, so about time....
    Is everything fine back home in Oslo? Longing to get news!!!!!!!!!
    Oh, and is your weddingplannerwebsite still online or to be seen somewhere? might be dead uselful for us.....
    Stoooor klem, miss u all!
  • Fiona Prince - 02.06.2006, 13:16 CET
    Hi Sweetie! Saw Morrissey at the Guildhall a couple of weeks ago (amazing!) and you would have loved his support act - Kristeen Young. You should check them out, I think they're from St Louis? Take Care guys!

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