Christine Red
Upcoming Exhibitions
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Selected Past Exhibitions
Name Date Location Information
Memories from an imaginary childhood 17.05.2009-
Webpage/studio Online sales exhibition of my latest work in collage.
City Life 17.05.2005-
Ravnedalen, Kristiansand Pieces by Christine and Lise Emblemsvåg.
Deep Ocean 08.07.2004-
Ravnedalen, Kristiansand My latest work
Everyday Pictures 17.05.2004-
Ravnedalen, Kristiansand My latest work.
Pieces 02.03.2004 Kraftverk, Loftet, Oslo Collected works.
Artpilot 20.06.2003 Artpilot, Odderøya, Kristiansand Exhibition on the subject of travel.
Ravnedalen 17.05.2003 Kristiansand Selection of the last year's work.
Magenta 22.02.2003 So What!, Oslo Illustrations to Magenta`s album 'little girl lost'.

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